Capitalism vs. Socialism

Has any socialist ever noticed that capitalism is actually more social than socialism? There is this slogan from Karl Marx, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, which practically means that if somebody is not able (or willing) to contribute to society’s profits, he still deserves a share of those profits that meets his needs/demands.

In other words, it’s a problem of free-riding. However, in capitalism everybody has to do something that other people value high enough in order to partake in exchanging goods or services. So capitalism is a society based on the principle that everybody contributes to society’s profits and gets a share according to his/her contribution, which seems fair to me. Whereas socialism is a society in which everybody has the incentive to wait for others to contribute to society’s profits, because they’ll get their “fair” share anyway. So, in the end nothing will be produced and nobody gets anything. This is why so many intelligent people like Milton Friedman, Margeret Thatcher, or Ronald Reagan (don’t laugh, he was certainly more intelligent than stupid Che oder Fidel) have pointed out that in communism everybody has the same, exactly nothing.

So, if lefties were really interested in a fair society, they wouldn’t be lefties, but capitalists. Of course, the only thing they are interested in is to transform society into a huge amusement park, in which some left-over capitalists who couldn’t escape or beat socialism are enslaved to produce goods and services for the not-working parasites.

Now, liberals will argue that their political goals are totally different from socialism. They will readily admit that socialism failed because it was not able to produce anything of worth. Therefore they accept the free market economy as a basis of their liberal society.

However, they still want to tilt society as much as possible towards socialism, without giving up the capitalist basis that produces the much needed goods and services. So what they do is they claim that there are “market failures” which have to be corrected by transfers and regulations. Thereby, they can justify income transfers and regulations which make life easier for those who chose a not-so-productive job. It’s the same situation as before, only they’ve become smarter. The parasites now know that it’s better not to kill the host.

With this in mind, you will be shocked reading that communism becomes popular again in Eastern Europe. Not so funny side-fact: those nasty CCCP-shirts have also become popular in countries like Germany and Switzerland, especially, of course, with students. Wearing one of these

or these

is like wearing this

Instead I recommend wearing this shirt:

Now ,THIS is funny AND true…


5 comments on “Capitalism vs. Socialism

  1. Very nice.

    More concise, I would say that people earn wages and profits in a capitalist society by SERVING OTHER PEOPLE’S WANTS AND NEEDS.

    When you cease to meet their expectations of service for value, they take their money elsewhere.

    Whenever there is a disconnect between service to others and wages/profits, there are problems in the system. Case in point: labor unions, government bureaucracy, pooled tips, publicly-owned enterprises, etc.

  2. Great gag gift for lefties. Does that shirt really exist?

  3. You know those CCCP shirts are meant as ironic jokes, right?

    • No, they are not. I know people who wear them because they think it is cool (in a serious way). There is a word for this in German, it’s “Ostalgie”, a combination of nostalgia and Eastern. And then there are the “hardcore supporters” in Eastern Europe, who definitely wanna show their desire to bring back the old times.

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