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We Will Be Blind, Dirty Cave Dwellers

Governments around the world are picking up a fight against civilization. First there was the ban on incandescent light bulbs, now they are going to force us to buy flat-screen TVs that use less than half the amount of Watts than the current ones. According to activist governments like the one in California, we shall live in darker homes with dim flat-screen TVs until we get blind and can’t read the news, so that they can finally do whatever they want to.

New Zealand has already taken it one step further: Last year, the former Labour government planned to impose limits on water use in showers, as low as 6 liters per minute. Although, California can top this madness easily, for their politicians were so mad that they tried to ban the internal combustion engine (yes, that’s the thing that propels our cars) in 1969. Unbelievably, the Californian senate voted 26-5 for the ban. Then, thankfully the madness was stopped by the Californian assembly.

The green nazis will try everything they can to bring us back into the stone age.


One comment on “We Will Be Blind, Dirty Cave Dwellers

  1. But cars pollute the environment!

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