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Health Care Analysis, sort of

I’m sorry that it took me so long, but finally I am going to show you my regression result and analysis of the health care data from around the world. I had long thoughts about presenting crappy statistics, but I made a promise, so here it is. Please excuse me for the terrible design and the utter un-economicness of my analysis… I just had too few data points. But I thought you might still be interested in the result, even though as a statistic it is worth crap.

It shows a positive correlation between the share of GDP spend and the “unhappiness” with the system. The USA looks like an outlier and there are far too few data points, so this result is not really saying something:

The impression changes doesn’t really change when we take a look at the following (even more unscientific) chart:

I assume that the share of GDP that is spend on health care increases with GDP, which is supported by recent (real) economic studies. The reason for this is simply that the demand for health care is less elastic than others and it is considered a normal, or even superior good, whereas most other goods and services are inferior goods. For those of you who don’t know these terms, please look up Wikipedia for a detailed explanation ;-). To simplify things I divided the happiness survey results into two catgeories, as you can see…

The chart shows that there are some countries who consume relatively less of GDP and are still rather unhappy. BTW, the outlier on the far right bottom is Norway. It wasn’t included in the first chart because I didn’t have the exact number of people approving of the system.

So, now I have shown you everything. I just hope that none of my professors is reading my blog…


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