Winter Recess

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Holidays are coming, and I’m going… home. Back to Germany. After spending the last 3 months on an other planet (actually, it’s Japan, but it feels like a different planet), I can’t wait to see how it compares to the country of the unfriendly.

By the way, this

is not a picture from Japan. It seems to be the newest try to make money with effects instead of quality. It looks like crap to me. I don’t know what it’s about and I don’t care. The picture looks so stupid it makes me laugh. In 20 years we will all laugh about this we will have forgotten it, like so many crappy movies from the past.


4 comments on “Winter Recess

  1. I am just surprised that there is a lot of pornography on it already. Never underestimate Rule 34.

  2. From the trailers and ads alone I figured out Avatar was the conventional, misanthropic litany of leftist lies. They disparage the military, exalt “indigenous people”, worship trees, decry capitalist production and ‘imperialism’, and generally consider humanity a blight to the universe.

    The central tenet of all leftist beliefs is self-hatred. You are taught to hate your own race, gender, religion, culture, language, customs, cuisine, music, strengths, allies, and successes.

    I wasn’t surprised that all my liberal acquaintances went running to see this film. It reminds me of how they packed middle-eastern restaurants and Arabic classes immediately following 9/11.

    Whenever I’m confronted with this sort of fantasy alter-universe, I comfort myself remembering how swiftly 900 Spanish conquistadors defeated tens of thousands of Aztecs.

    Only some fantasy deus ex machina spares militarily inferior societies from destruction. Robert Heinlein expressed the sentiment well in Starship Troopers – the society which forgets how to fight has only learned how to die.

    • My friends urged me to watch it. They thought I was prejudiced, and they were right. So now that I watched it, I can make some profound comments about “Avatar”. It’s a mediocre movie. I don’t like it, irrespective of the political undertone. I cannot imagine this movie being awarded more than one or two Oscars for the special effects and the music. The story is neither special nor does it surprise with sudden changes. The characters are simple and shallow. The leftist leaning of the movie didn’t irritate me that much. In that respect, there are certainly much worse movies out there.

  3. I’ll watch it when it’s free. I’m used to leftist movies. I hear it’s nothing more than an animated Dances with Wolves.

    “Gaia ex Machina” is the new term I’ve coined for the tree internet.

    BTW, my wife’s grandmother has an old 45 rpm album of “Heimat Deine Sterne”. Do you know the lyrics and have a translation? I’m having difficulty finding it on the internet and the sound quality is too poor to make out the words.

    Prosit Neujahr!

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