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Words Fail Me

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=sarkozy&iid=7409581″ src=”1/2/a/7/United_Nations_Climate_fdc5.JPG?adImageId=8851305&imageId=7409581″ width=”234″ height=”324″ /]

How stupid can politicians be? Well, look no further than France. There, they have the grand idea of introducing a “Google tax” and use those earnings to subsidize French internet companies. They want to end the “enrichment without any limit or compensation” by Google.

First of all, Google doesn’t, nor has it ever, enriched itself without limit or compensation, for it pays taxes to the government of the USA, which, by the way, demands the highest corporate tax rates of any Western country. Secondly, as Google is an American company and pays taxes in America, it is none of France’s business to lament over how much taxes Google pays.

The sheer impertinence of the French shows when they say that it suffices that a French internet consumer clicks on a website, wherever this site may be located in the world, to make the owner of the site liable for tax payments on the advertisements. Really, how sick can one’s mind be?

Recently, countries like France behave like socialist tax imperialists. I would really like to boycott the French government, but I don’t know how.


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