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Voting Results

The results are…

Libertarians – 45%

Conservatives – 27%

Shizophrenics – 18%

Social Democrats – 9%

On one hand, I am happy to see that there are no extremist nuts, communists, fascists, and the like. On the other hand, I am disappointed because I hoped there were more people who could be “converted” somehow through my posts ;-). Eighteen percent of my readers have good humor ;-), that’s important, too. I differentiate between Libertarians and Conservatives along religious lines and social issues, I hope that everybody sees it the same way, so that the voting results are meaningful. That being said, I won’t write about religion or social issues, because I think that it’s not interesting from an economic point of view. It’s just a matter of personal preferences and of a plurality/majority of people wanting to impose their beliefs on a minority/plurality of other people.

That leaves the social democrat(s), it was only one vote, to be enlightened and converted. Perhaps, some of those shizos also need some help to decide which one of their multiple personalities has got it right or wrong…

Voting is still possible, you can go to “Latest Posts” and look for “Your Political Attitude”. I’ll post results again, if they change significantly.


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