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Conspiracies? How?

When you watch movies and TV series like “24”, you get the impression that the US government, the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI are all absolute professionals, who are constantly observing everyone and conspire against every “good” people in society and politics.

Well, reality looks different, as you can see here. Remember the couple that easily got through all security checks and met Obama? In reality governments and their organizations are so unprofessional and badly equipped that they are unable to get things done, whether it is wars or domestic issues. And why should it be different? Just take a look at the socialized energy sector in Venezuela. You also saw how unprofessional and chaotic the US government AND the private banks handled the financial crisis. No one, literally NO ONE was really prepared for that crisis. Where are those evil business guys from “24”, who are prepared for everything?

I have heard people say that if someone believes in big conspiracy theories, he is at least aware of the dangers of government and therefore he is a Libertarian. I think this is wrong, because, if someone believes that public organizations are able to pull off such bad things, he will also think that they are able to do many “good” things, if you change the people who run the organizations. People who believe in conspiracy theories also believe in “good” and “bad” people. They do not realize that human behaviour is predetermined by their environment, i.e. by the systemic organization of society, politics, and the economy. That is why they will think that even communism could work, if you just found the right people for it. They do not understand the way economics work, which is why they attribute too much powers and too much ability to governments.


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