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Why Movies Are Fiction

In reality, people are so dumb that stories have no suspense and no drama: “The Termites”. The “crime of the century” was actually quite boring. The robbers got into the bank, took a nap, and left the other day. The police have no clue of their whereabouts. What happened in 1976 shows us how incompetent they really are. The chief of the robbers gang simply jumped out of the window during court hearings and was never seen again until his death!

This proves again that every public office is just a bunch of people who haven’t got any incentives to improve their performance, because they get paid anyway. There is nobody who could drive police out of business. I don’t think that police officers are naturally ‘lazier’ or more imcompetent than someone who has a job in private business. It’s the incentives that matter. Incentives are part of systems. And systems form people.


One comment on “Why Movies Are Fiction

  1. It all depends on why someone becomes a police officer or a college professor or a politician. For many of them, laziness, power, and money are what motivated their career choice. Others, as you say, descended to the minimal level of performance necessary to retain their jobs. I see lazy police officers every day. They count on cars, helicopters, bullets, light and radio waves being faster than the criminals to do the hustling for them.

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