We Are All Little Babies Now

At least we behave like them sometimes. Let me give you an example:

Autoblog article

Summary: Some automakers don’t install dipsticks anymore, because car owners don’t use them. Two reasons why those car owners are stupid:

1) Cars are the third most expensive investment of their lifes (behind houses and children). If they destroy the engine, they destroy a huge amount of their (hopefully) hard earned money

2) Should you trust computers to check the oil level for you? Computers may not work properly sometimes. The dipstick works everytime.


4 comments on “We Are All Little Babies Now

  1. It was IIRC the A2 from Audi which cowling could only be opened in a tool-shop by special Audi”tool” to check the engine/oil/battery and so on. There was only a small hatch for the “windscreen-wiper water”.
    Well for me that is a clear vote to ignore such car-maker.
    I already found it highly annoying that my 320 from BMW was so “closed” under the cowling that self maintenance was limited to just checking for oil and water. Even the battery was impossible to reach to give or get start assistance.

    • Yes, it’s not only that manufacturers don’t let you check the oil level anymore. More and more cars are so tight in the engine room that you can’t even change the light bulbs. Some cars, like VW, even require a visit to the dealer for that, because they have to remove the whole lighting assembly.

      I wish buyers would consider these things more carefully. Otherwise all manufacturers will build the same crap and the customers lose their chances to punish the bad companies. But it seems to be a general trend in society that people don’t want to think about such “difficult” things. They seem to like that others make decisions for them, even if they are bad decisions.

  2. We get taught that way! Interdependent thinking is not wanted by politics nor by big company’s.

    • That’s true, but nothing will change as long as we are blaming other people for our own laziness to think. Uh, forget it, nothing will change anyway.

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