Aufgeblasen und oberflächlich

My English readers may click the link “read more and comment”, please.

So könnte man immer grössere Teile der heutigen Gesellschaft, die wir anspruchsvoll “Zivilisation” nennen, zusammenfassen.

Beweisstück A:  Gewisse Personen, die ich nicht beim Namen nennen möchte, die aber jedem bekannt sein sollten dank TV-Höhepunkten wie “Hilfe: Ich bin ein Depp, lasst mich hier verrecken”,  “Deutschland sucht den nächsten Versager” oder “Grosser Bruder” (Namen leicht abgeändert, um bei niemandem anzuecken ;-))

Beweisstück B grenzt schon an strafbaren Betrug, aber seht selbst:

For my English speaking readers: The video tells the story of someone who took his Audi R8 sports car to the race track (the owner’s manual actually asks the driver to take the car to the track in order to see the full potential of this marvelous car). When he drove the car around the famous race track at Spa Franchorchamps in Belgium (which is not known for heavy braking), the brakes of the Audi R8 quitted their job. They were burned through. When he returned his “sports car” to the dealership, they told him that he caused this malfunction by driving the car on a race track. They don’t want to pay for the damage. He sues them. Meanwhile, Audi happily goes on making TV ads where the R8 is shown driving around on race tracks only.


2 comments on “Aufgeblasen und oberflächlich

  1. How was it with the Audi Quadro which was proven pulled UP the ski-jump while the Commercial claimed it to the pover of the Quadro?
    Or the Opel (Vectra IIRC?) which drove over a lake to prove his ability’s for ‘more difficult roads’.?

  2. PS
    Because I just saw it on TV here in Japan (Discovery Channel), Volkswagen Advertisement (TUAREG) where the Car pulls a 747.. yess suuuuureeeeee and the easterbunny is real!

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