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[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=physician&iid=8329900″ src=”c/7/5/5/Senate_Democratic_Leaders_1176.jpg?adImageId=12906993&imageId=8329900″ width=”234″ height=”162″ /]

Medicare is a perfect example of socialized health care. Costs are exploding although doctors receive less and less payments. Meanwhile, members of Congress scratch their heads over how to reign in spending without paying doctors so badly that they leave the system. Texan doctors don’t wait, they leave the system in hords (article).

Is it so difficult to understand? If the government pays the bills, patients will visit their doctors as often as possible. This will drive up overall health care costs. The only way to save then is to cut payments to doctors. That is, until they are fed up and leave the system. What’s the next step? Government socializes doctors and forces them to deliver care for a cleaner’s wage. Combine that with government quality controls and regular theory-fresh-up seminars for doctors (for which they have to pay to attend, although they must attend… that’s government logic!). That way nothing can possibly go wrong. Health care quality will surely improve by 300%! At least the quality controls say so! And costs will indecrease by 50%! And if we run out of doctors, we will lower college requirements and turn nurses into professional doctors! Health care for everybody! For free!

This is not satire, but the sad truth: in Germany.

There is a Czech saying that goes like this: “I can’t eat as much as I wanna puke”. That’s certainly how you feel when you watch government controlled health care in action.

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