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How Can You Possibly Take Governments Seriously

This is simply ridiculous. I can’t imagine how a sensible person can argument that such a practice should be accepted by law. Recently I read that the catholic church in the Czech Republic still hasn’t got back their famous “Veitsdom” church in Prague. The communist government expropriated it in 1954. Nevertheless, the current supreme court of the (democratic) Czech Republic calls the expropriation law valid because, in their opinion, even the communist government represented the will of the people. Hello? It was a dictatorship?  Besided, who said that the will of the people is always rightful? WTF is wrong with these people?

Anyway, I have dropped the state of Ohio and the Czech Republic from my list of countries that I take serious. So I’m left with … uhm … what about Tahiti? Do they have a supreme court?


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