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I Want A Pony

Actually it’s not me but the Finns may want them. At least, they made broadband internet access a legal right (BBC reports). How about making car ownership a legal right, too? And while we’re at it, let’s make notebooks a legal right, too! This is simply the continuation of a long row of important and successful laws that have improved our society:

Early 1900s – Prohibition of child labor in industrialized countries

1920s – Women are allowed to vote

1960 – The UN recognizes the right to education

1960s – Equal rights for women and minorities

2010 – Right to broadband access

Let us all strive for the same boldness that the Finnish legislature shows. Let’s not forget that even geniuses like Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton would have made no impact on society if governments at that time hadn’t passed laws that established the right to write and send letters.

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