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Retro Cars

I just bought two wonderful diecast models of cars that were not only way ahead of their times, but they also show how automobiles should be instead of the rolling bluetooth-connected refigerators that we drive today. The 1956 Packard Caribbean and the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado had powered windows, powered seats with memory buttons, a/c, and many other things that only became standard in the last ten to twenty years in mainstream cars.

'56 Packard Caribbean and '57 Cadillac Eldorado

The Packard cost around $5000 in 1956. Heck, those were the times when pennies were actually worth something! There is a German saying “jeden Pfenning umdrehen”. It certainly could only come from times like those, the times before Americans and other countries decided to add a zero to their currency every once in a while.

This video, admittedly of low quality, shows you the interior of the Packard, which is in terms of materials (probably 50lb of metal) way above everything that is sold today:

I do not know a single modern car that has such imaginative styling or focus on quality materials. Today, quality materials usually simply means leather, nothing more. But hey, in the 1950s cars were the most important thing one could buy. It had to express individual style. Nowadays, cars are falling behind iPhones in terms of importance for the consumers. We buy them like refrigerators or washing mashines. But 60 years ago, cars were probably the most important symbol of individualism.

To all remaining car aficionados out there, with the words of Captain Capitalism: Enjoy the decline!


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