retroNOMICS is dead, long live RETROnomics

Pursuing a career is nice, but also has some drawbacks. One of them is that I write much less often on my blog now and that I will have to change the characteristic of this blog. I already do economics stuff for a living now, and, as my economically skilled readers know, a price for […]

Europe breaks with Keynesianism (II) (via Save Capitalism)

I concur with the remarks about Obama, but I think that Trichet and his gang are under heavy pressure from the EU politicians, so not everything they do has to be what they liked to do, rather what they have to do. Just a short note (since I'm on vacation). I noted last  June already […]

Guess Who This Is – Part II

Do you recognize the family? Do you know who the young boy in the middle is? Let’s see if this picture helps:

Guess Who This Is

What do you think, who could be this guy: He looks nice and intelligent, doesn’t he? Now take a look

Schnee ohne Ende…

Gab’s schon mal, nämlich 1978/79. Wenn man sich diese Bilder anschaut, sieht man, dass es damals sogar noch schlimmer war als heute (man beachte den Temperatursturz von über 30 Grad innerhalb einer Nacht in Prag!): And this is simply funny:

New Design, again

So I decided to change the design of my blog. I hope it makes the blog clear and more easy to read. I also like the classic style of it, befitting the title of the blog. On the top of the homepage you now see a button for RSS-feed. It’s a nice feature to get […]

Winter Recess

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=weihnachten&iid=831550″ src=”2/8/8/1/Snowy_Winterweather_In_274b.jpg?adImageId=8509358&imageId=831550″ width=”234″ height=”124″ /] Holidays are coming, and I’m going… home. Back to Germany. After spending the last 3 months on an other planet (actually, it’s Japan, but it feels like a different planet), I can’t wait to see how it compares to the country of the unfriendly. By the way, […]