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Visualizing Economics

They should have called it “Why capitalism is great”. Anyway, it couldn’t get more entertaining, especially for laymen. Watch and learn: Advertisements

The Economic Argument


The Economics Of Parking

Modern electronics offer so many opportunities for improvement of our daily life. One opportunity hasn’t got much reception yet, but that is about to change: how electronics can economize our daily life. The City of San Francisco wants electronic parking meters

How Legalization Would Change The Weed Market

Here is an article with an economic explanation of how the market for weed would change, if we legalized it. It’s got plenty of fancy charts ;-). I’ll add the “Economists Do It With Models” blog to my blogroll hence.


In the first part of this post I mentioned possible solutions to the moral hazard problem with banks. I forgot to mention what I think should be done right now in order to stabilize our financial system. The pressing problem with our financial system is that banks are massively undercapitalized. The relation of debt to […]

How To Handle The Great Recession, Part I

September 2008 will go down in history as the start of long period of economic disturbances. As of July 2010, we are still right in the middle of the greatest economic crisis since the 1930s. Some people compare our current situation to the summer of 1931, when a worldwide serious of bank closures turned a […]

Mankiw About Economics

Though he is a Keynesian, he is certainly one of the very smart ones. You may want to read his opinion on “Crisis Economics” here.