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April Fool’s It Is Not

Today, on April 1, I found out, to my surprise, that there is a law in Germany saying that in companies with 20 or more employees severely handicapped people have to make up at least 5% of the workforce. If companies do not comply, they have to pay a “Ausgleichsabgabe” (compensation levy) between 105 and […]

Germany Goes Into Reverse

Total wage growth (inflation adjusted, of course) over the last decade has been negative. Minus 4.5% versus positive 8.6% for France, for instance. Here is the chart @Der Spiegel (in German).

Spying in Banks

Der Spiegel is reporting that the CEO of the German bank HSH Nordbank has paid a company named “Prevent AG” €7 million in 2009 for spying on his employees. This included checking blogs of bank employees. The HSH Nordbank is currently under investigation for accounting fraud during the financial crisis 2008/09. The new CEO came […]

The Ex-Wirtschaftswunder

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If You Love Liberty, Avoid Germany

A recent poll says that most Germans wouldn’t object to living in a socialist country. Surprisingly, the difference between West and East Germany was very small. Eighty percent of East Germans would accept living in a socialist state, and a whopping 72% of West Germans share this opinion.

German Trade Unions

Germany has been a country with a relatively peaceful relationship between trade unions and businesses since after WW2. After the war, the parliament introduced the so-called “Tarifautonomie” (free collective bargaining). The important word here is “collective”, not “free” (free means that the government cannot interfere). Since the introduction of this law, wage bargaining in Germany […]