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The Government Does Everything For Us

I’ve said it before, the lack of responsibility is one of the biggest problems in today’s societies. Also, an economy can only work if people are taking responsibility for their own decisions. Without responsibility there are no incentives to avoid risks or to look for opportunities. This might well be a true story: The Onion: […]

How Can You Possibly Take Governments Seriously

This is simply ridiculous. I can’t imagine how a sensible person can argument that such a practice should be accepted by law. Recently I read that the catholic church in the Czech Republic still hasn’t got back their famous “Veitsdom” church in Prague. The communist government expropriated it in 1954. Nevertheless, the current supreme

Conspiracies? How?

When you watch movies and TV series like “24”, you get the impression that the US government, the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI are all absolute professionals, who are constantly observing everyone and conspire against every “good” people in society and politics. Well, reality looks different, as you can see here. Remember the couple […]