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Obama’s “New” Deal

Yeeees, pun intended! Let’s have a look at the possible economic consequences of that deal: Advertisements

You Cannot (Should Not) Tax Corporations

From the news: Google pays almost no taxes. Fact: It doesn’t matter. Corporate taxes are levied on profits, which means that their effects are identical to rising production costs. This is why every sane economist will tell you that corporate taxes are ultimately paid by the customers and the employees.

Words Fail Me

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=sarkozy&iid=7409581″ src=”1/2/a/7/United_Nations_Climate_fdc5.JPG?adImageId=8851305&imageId=7409581″ width=”234″ height=”324″ /] How stupid can politicians be? Well, look no further than France. There, they have the grand idea of introducing a “Google tax” and use those earnings to subsidize French internet companies. They want to end the “enrichment without any limit or compensation” by Google. First of all, […]