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April Fool’s It Is Not

Today, on April 1, I found out, to my surprise, that there is a law in Germany saying that in companies with 20 or more employees severely handicapped people have to make up at least 5% of the workforce. If companies do not comply, they have to pay a “Ausgleichsabgabe” (compensation levy) between 105 and […]

My Advice

So, the US got some problems? Here’s my advice: Abolish the Federal Reserve, all acronyms (EPA, CAFE, FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, HHS, DHS, HUD, etc.), change the constitution in order to limit federal powers, and repeal every legislation ever made on anti-discrimination, health care, and energy. Abolish the profession named “politician” and limit everyone to a […]

Personal Freedom vs. Society

I welcome international readers to my first post in English. For the time being, I will translate recent posts that I deem most interesting for an international readership. Personal Freedom vs. Society This is the classic, unsolvable conflict within liberalism. By liberalism I do not only mean the current left-wing type, but also the classic […]